Perhaps Plastic Explosives?

Perhaps Plastic Explosives?

Dedicated to all who contributed to one of Paul's favourite experiences. Thank you.
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 MOC: MLR M1 105mm Howitzer

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PostSubject: MOC: MLR M1 105mm Howitzer   Sat Feb 14, 2009 3:12 pm

I was sitting in my room, doing nothing and I saw a rubbermaid container containing random bits of lego, So i decided to throw some stuff together and I built a howitzer. I decided to build an artillery station with the MLR M1 Howitzer that I built so I was in the middle of building it when I took these pictures of so dont mind the chassis for a vehicle in the back there on the top view photo. It takes three men to operate it efficiently, a spotter who picks out the targets and recieves recce info from the soldiers who need assistance, (the guy with the radio, binoculars and the advanced sighting equipment helment), the loader who loads the shells in and signals the firer (the one sitting directly behind the cannon) and the firer, who pulls the lever back and slams it forward to set the mechanism off to fire the shell. The firer also adjusts the cannons angle when the spotter says.
Top view:

Side View 1:

Front View 1:

This one was from behind the bunker wall at the Artillery Station.
Side View 2:

I just made this in like 5 minutes sooo... yeah. Comments?
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MOC: MLR M1 105mm Howitzer
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